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New Nature Rooms on the Way in Naturpark Lillebælt

New nature rooms shall promote the unique nature of the Little Belt

Naturpark Lillebælt have received funds from Lokale & Anlægsfonden, which means we now commence the work of establishing three new nature rooms in Naturpark Lillebælt. The Danish Outdoor Council have previously promised funds for the project.

The three new nature rooms in Naturpark Lillebælt shall instigate many new initiatives in the nature park. This will be the beginning of make the area visible both locally and nationally, not to mention making it the first example of how the nature park will work on mobilising the many good resources found in the locale community.

We are placing a nature room in each municipality with each their theme:

  • Birds and outdoor living
  • The sea and outdoor living
  • Coastal landscape and outdoor living

With the three new nature rooms, we will expand the knowledge of the areas and the many experience, nature pearls, and cultural history. Additionally, the goal is to get all of us to love and protect the area’s values.

Through the planned promotions, the visitors’ curiosity shall peak and inspired them to seek more information about the area for themselves, in order to get experiences or exercise. The possibilities for outdoor living and experiences in nature will also be presented in the nature rooms. The nature rooms are placed close to the sea, thereby making it possible to be active in both the sea and on land.

Additionally, the nature rooms shall be the basis for tours in the area.

By the Solkær meadows, we establish the nature room with the theme of “Birds and outdoor living”. The nature room will be located by the mouth from the Solkær meadows, and shall function as a bird watching tower, stargazing point, and as a meeting place for the visitors to the nature park. The story of Solkær meadows, is its fantastic avian life, where hundreds of web-footed birds and wading birds congregate. In this regard, the area has become an attractive place for birds of prey, who often appear on the meadows, for the enjoyment of the visitors of Naturpark Lillebælt. When darkness falls, the area also creates the opportunity to observe the heavens with light pollution.

In the canal city of Fredericia, we establish a nature room with the theme of “The sea and outdoor living”. The idea for this nature room is to create a mobile equipment storage and information room, which visually will look like a porpoise – a symbol, representing the water around the Little Belt. The experience for the visitors, is “what the porpoise experiences in the Little Belt” – among other things, fishing, fish, divers, the whole ecosystem, etc. which shall make the visitors more knowledgeable about life under the sea.

Røjle Klint shall receive a nature room with the theme of “Coastal landscape and outdoor living”. Røjle Klint is one of the best places in the country to experience after swells from the Ice Age. The deposits from the three ice ages are visible. The hike leads the visitors by the rare 37m tall Røjle Klint. The coast is special. The earth slips, falls, and runs from all angles. The trees hang with their tops or their roots, poking out into nothingness. The geology is characteristic of Denmark. The purpose of the nature room, is to contribute to an understanding of the unique nature of the area. At the top of the steep cliffs, the sand martins dig deep nest caves in the gravel layers.

More nature rooms

In time, we will establish nature rooms at all special hotspots in Naturpark Lillebælt. Nature rooms with each their own specific theme representing the areas. The design of each nature room shall fit the values and themes of the area, while all the nature rooms shall have common expression specific to Naturpark Lillebælt.

The porpoise, which is the symbol of Naturpark Lillebælt, shall also be an element in all of the nature rooms.

What are nature rooms?

Nature rooms are support points with a large locale ownership, which supports nature promotion and outdoor living, and communicate “the locale characteristics”. They are excursion destinations with a different physical frame for stays, activities, and communication in the beautiful natural areas. Nature rooms highlight the characteristics of the local nature and history, and provides visitors with a break from the everyday. Nature rooms er places in nature, where one can be active in the wild, gather new knowledge or simple find peace and emersion, and get some fresh air with one’s own thoughts.

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