Discover the wonders of Lillebælt

Welcome to Naturpark Lillebælt, a beautiful place where we want nature to thrive.
Located in the heart of Denmark, the park offers nature-friendly experiences with committed local partners. Enjoy coastal getaways, partner accommodations, and explore nature through locally-organized activities and tours. Book your next adventure with our partners and help protect the natural beauty of the Little Belt

We have only borrowed the Earth; you and I
We stand on the shoulders of past generations, and our children will inherit the world we leave behind. In Naturpark Lillebælt we have chosen to create a community dedicated to making the world, nature, and life better. For you. For us. For our children.

Join us. Visit us.

Foraging is the new black

Seaweed safari, fossil hunt and much more

Reach for the stars

Go crabfishing

Make your own crabpizza

GoSail! with your peers

Experiences & Accommodation in Denmarks largest nature park

Experience a Belt in Balance
The Little Belt, a unique natural area, faces challenges such as severe oxygen depletion, declining eelgrass, and an overpopulation of crabs. These issues disrupt the ecosystem, but small initiatives can help. Visitors can contribute by participating in activities like planting eelgrass, removing crabs, reestablishing stone reefs, building fish nurseries, and improving spawning conditions in rivers and streams.


Stay in or near Denmark’s largest nature park – in Kolding, Fredericia, or Middelfart – and enjoy historic and cultural experiences in Naturpark Lillebælt. Don’t miss CLAY – Museum og Ceramic Art Denmark.

Villa Gertrud_Destination Trekantområdet
Gl. Ålbo Camping_Destination Trekantområdet
Hoteller i Naturpark Lillebælt

A Strong Local Identity
Our community is built on strong local forces, each deeply connected to the area’s nature and cultural heritage. Together, we know every bay, every plant, and every animal in and around the Little Belt. And together, we fight for a balanced nature. With us, you don’t just become part of Denmark’s largest nature park. You also meet passionate locals, hear their stories, and feel their profound connection to the area. Meanwhile, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of nature and help the Little Belt find a better balance. The area’s strong local identity is supported by volunteer efforts, social-economic activities, and strong communities benefiting nature.
By visiting Naturpark Lillebælt and experiencing the unique nature and the dedicated local communities, you can both enjoy a beautiful area and help preserve it for the future. Together we work for the Little Belt area to be a great place to live and to visit. Our focus is to improve the marine environment in the Little Belt and our partneres contribute with different voluntary actions. Join our community by experiencing the activities that our local partners offer: on, above, under and by the Little Belt.

A great place to live – and a great place for your holidays!

Fredericia Bymuseum
Middelfart Museum


In Naturpark Lillebælt we want you to take part in rebooting nature. We want to ensure that we select regenerative actions that create value for our particular area. At the same time, we are aware that we have to start somewhere if we want to contribute to more meaningful experiences. Over time, we want to raise the bar for the experiences we highlight,but for now we have selected some areas of effort around which we build experiences. Please contact us or our partners if you would like to engage in regenerative actions in the nature park.


We participate in various events throughout the nature park. Follow us on our Facebook-page to see where you can meet us.

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