Partners for Belt in Balance

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Naturpark Lillebælt has a close population of one of the world’s smallest whales, one of the most important breeding and resting areas for coastal birds, as well as picturesque nature areas of a particularly high natural worth.

In recent years, the conditions for fish, whales, and the rest of the ecosystem in the Little Belt, have been under pressure.

If we are want a Little Belt in balance, we must all do our part now!

Therefore, the partners of Naturpark Lillebælt help towards bringing balance to the Little Belt, through three concrete initiatives.

Three Initiatives with Partners for the Little Belt in Balance

The project began in June 2021 – latest measuring December 2022

This is the amount of money our partners have donated to the porpoise foundation so far

Help the Whales in the Little Belt


Some of our partners sell a porpoise-plush toy and when you buy one, we collectively give at least 26 DKK per sold porpoise for the porpoise foundation of Naturpark Lillebælt. The foundation supports projects, which help whales and fish in the Little Belt. You can buy a porpoise from several of our partners.

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This is how many crabs our partners have caught in the Little Belt thus far

Catch and eat – crabs in the Little Belt


The crabs are a natural part of the ecosystem of the sea, but right now, there are far too many of them. This creates an uneven balance in the Little Belt. Some of our partners participate in decreasing the crab population by putting them on the menu, and others by removing the crabs as part of their promotion of the Little Belt. Help us fish more crabs out of the Little Belt, for example by ordering crab soup the next time you eat out.

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This is how much garbage our partners have removed from the Little Belt and the surroundings so far

Less Refuse in the Little Belt


We must make sure that we do not destroy the nature park with refuse, such as plastic in the sea. Most of our partners work actively to reduce refuse, and along with our partners, we encourage our guests to join in this mission. You can at some of our partners, borrow equipment for your own trash collecting mission, which will then become part of the overall results.