Become a nature park scout and receive a badge for your uniform

Naturpark Lillebælt and Houens Odde Spejdercenter have collaborated to create five different activities, which provide teachings and knowledge about Naturpark Lillebælt, and which provide the opportunity to receive a scout badge. The dyslexic continuation school also participate in the collaboration and have contributed to make the activities available to dyslexic people.

The Scout Badge

The purpose of the badge is to offer children and young people a course, which provides learning and knowledge about Naturpark Lillebælt, and which provide the opportunity to earn a specific Naturpark Lillebælt badge.

“The scout badge is a really good example of, how we can work together to create a sea of experiences, which make us want to take care of the Little Belt”, explains Eea Haldan Vestergaard, of the Naturpark Lillebælt executive committee and the Kolding Municipality town council, “I am convinced that with the scout badge, we can help awaken the curiosity and interest for the nature and marine life of the Little Belt in children and young people, and get them to experience the unique Little Belt, continues Eea Haldan Vestergaard.

The course consists of five activities:

  • Spis Lillebælt (Eat the Little Belt), which focuses on cooking food with natural raw materials found in the Little Belt.
  • Livet på det lave vand (Life in Shallow Water), which focuses on the curious creatures living in the Little Belt, for example the different scrimps.
  • Fuglespotter (Bird Spotting), which focuses on spotting birds native to the Little Belt.
  • Affald in havet (Refuse in the Sea), which focuses on the collection of refuse along the coast.
  • Woop-løb (Woop-run), a run around the nature park in the Woop app, which focuses on the teachings of the nature park.

For every five activities there is an activity sheet, which describes the assignments of the individual activity. The activities are also recorded as sound files, which one can open via the QR codes on the activity sheets. Three of the five activities must be completed to earn the badge.

The different activities shall be tested over the summer at the Houens Odde Spejdercenter. “We have had several of our Houmænd, the volunteers at the scout centre at the Naturparkkursus, and we are looking forward to carrying through the new activities for many of the 5,000 scouts from 14 countries, who will participate in the scout camp at Houens Odde over the summer”, explains Karsten Vilken Mulvad, centre instructor at Houens Odde Spejdercenter. “We are happy to establish this collaboration”, continues Karsten Vilken Mulvad, “to contribute to Houens Odde Spejdercenter’s goal of getting many more children to experience nature”.

In the autumn, students from the country’s continuation schools will test the different activities, when they visit the scout centre in September. Hereafter, all of the scout groups native to Naturpark Lillebælt’s three municipalities will get the opportunities to earn the nature badge.

The individual activities will also be available to visiting children and young people at Houens Odde Spejdercenter. The activities may be undertaken other places than at Houens Odde, and schools and other groups are welcome to the activities.

Facts about Houens Odde Spejdercenter

Houens Odde is the largest scout centre in Northern Europe. Here are a wealth of opportunities to let the imagination run wild and go on an adventure. Houens Odde develops activities, camps, and experience for all ages all the time.

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