What are Danske Naturparker?

Danske Natutparker is a badge initiative developed by the Danish Outdoor Council. The badge initiative provides the opportunity for larger natural areas with a focus on use and preservation of nature in Denmark, to become nature parks. The badge initiative was launched in 2013, and the first pilot- and nature parks were inaugurated in the spring of 2014.

Danske Naturparker are larger connected landscapes of regional significance. They are demarcated area with great beautiful landscapes, rich on nature and culture historical value – usually of national or international significance. They represent landscapes characteristic of the different areas of the country, which deserve special preservation for current and future generations.

Aside from increasing the natural richness of Denmark, the establishment of nature parks shall give the residents better opportunities for outdoor experiences. The nature parks shall focus on the municipalities’ natural and cultural gems, and contribute to coordinated planning and development, which improves the quality of nature and the recreational needs.

In order to be inaugurated as part of Danske Naturparker, the nature park must fulfil ten criteria. There are also the opportunity to receive status as a pilot-nature park to begin with, which means that an area in development can become a nature park under the badge initiative Danske Naturparker. To begin with, pilot parks must fulfil seven out to criteria. After this, the pilot park has five years to fulfil the last criteria. Hereafter, the area can become part of Danske Naturparker.

Nature parks and pilot parks under Danske Naturparker work on among other things:

–      A unified planning and nature administration.

–      A collective profile of an area.

–      Better usage of the recreational opportunities and development of outdoor facilities.

–      Better audience control and recreational infrastructure.

–      Clear and coordinated communication about a natural area.

–      Marketing of local products.

–      Development of sustainable tourism in collaboration with tourist related enterprises.

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