Dialogue and Questions

Through dialogue with plot owners and residents, we have been asked a series of questions, and here are our answers to them.

We shall use all the good questions and dialogue to make a solid anchored nature park plan, which explains, what we want here in the area. What residents, associations, businesses, and politicians want from the volunteers.

Will the public get more access to our land, if we are within the nature park?

Answer: No. The same rules about ownership and laws for public access are in place inside as well as outside of the nature park.

Will there be paths through our backyards, because we are within the nature park?

Answer: No. Any possible paths will always be created in collaborations with the affected plot owners and always by voluntary agreements. In Middelfart city council, they passed a path plan in 2015, which shall create safe schools and commuter roads, and strengthen the recreational opportunities for hiking and cycling. Middelfart Municipality along with follow-up groups and through dialogue with plot owners, will work with individual projects in the path plan, among these a path along the Little Belt. There are no direct connections between the nature park boarders and placement of the Little Belt hiking trail and the Middelfart path plan. The path can both be outside and inside the nature park boarders.

Why are you drawing lines on a map?

Answer: It is a criteria to be approved as Dansk Naturpark by the Danish Outdoor Council. Click here to read more https://friluftsraadet.dk/english.

Why are you saying the line has no meaning?

Answer: We are saying that there are no new restrictions or laws as a result of the nature park, but we hope that the nature park will mean a lot for the sustainable development of our area and better balance between use and preservation of the area in the future.

Will there be tourists running around all of this kind of Nature Park?

Answer: We would like to have more tourists in our nature park, because it provides money for our businesses and to the collective municipality box. But precisely because we must find the balance between use and preservation in a nature park, and this will be of a sizeable benefit for the residents in the area. Part of the nature park plan could therefore be controlled by tourists, for example by showing them which places they are allowed in, protected areas, informing them, and monitoring problems with littering.

Will we not get more free roaming dogs with more visitors to the nature park?

Answer: We do not know if there will be more free roaming dogs, but we know that it is very disrupting and concerning with free roaming dogs, and the nature park will be able to help, for example by spreading information about the rules via articles, nature guidance, etc. Dogs shall as a rule always be leased when walking in nature. This is because the dog can be a stress factor for the wild animals of nature, and a nuisance for other outdoor guests.

Are the boarders about applying for grants or not?

Answer: Yes, we believe the possibilities are better, when we have a nature park with boarders, where plot owners, businesses, associations, and municipalities may work together between themselves on projects and applications. The Danish Outdoor Council have opened an arrangement, where it is possible to apply for outdoor grants in nature parks.

What are you thinking will happen specifically within the boarders?

Answer: That is what you are going to help decide. We are making voluntary projects. But in our nature park plan, you can see our suggestions based on the many conversations with stakeholders.

Will it affect us in the nature park in regards to an application of, for example expansion/changes in regards to the animal law or construction, especially if there is a complaint to the nature and environmental appeals board?

Answer: No, it will not. There is no warrant to use the Danish Outdoor Council nature park badge in legal proceedings. A nature park with a badge will not mean new restrictions or limitations for plot owners and residents. Voluntariness is a keyword in the nature park work – possible initiatives on private property will only happen as a result of voluntary agreements between municipalities and plot owners.

This information is also on the Danish Outdoor Council’s website