A Wealth of Adventures for the Whole Family

Spend the Night in the Forest

A night spent in the forest, gives you a unique opportunity to experience nature at night. If you are lucky, you might be able to see owls or badgers, which are nocturnal animals, who emerge in the forest when darkness falls. Sleep in a shelter or pitch a tent in the forest, and get fantastic experiences.

Find Shelters in Middelfart
Find Shelters in Fredericia
Find Shelters in Kolding

Find the White Tailed Eagle

Fun activities for the whole family. Who can find the bird with Northern Europe’s largest wingspan first? In Naturpark Lillebælt you can experience the amazing white tailed eagle, and why not play a game of who can find it first?

Beneath the Surface of the Sea

When was the last time you experienced life beneath the sea? In Naturpark Lillebælt you can find multiple snorkelling trails, which provide you the opportunity to experience life under the sea.

Find a snorkelling route in Fredericia
Find a snorkelling route in Middelfart

See Porpoises in the Little Belt

When was the last time you saw a porpoise? The Little Belt is home to one of the largest populations of porpoises in the world, so you have good opportunities to see a porpoise on your visit to Naturpark Lillebælt.

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